The internet has changed everything, and education is not immune to it. On the contrary, education is going through a major transformation. That much is known. What we don’t know is how education will look like in the future.

My oldest child will be college-age in 2027. What options will she have? Will she go to a brick-and-mortar university or will take classes online? Will she (we?) load up a lot of student debt? Will there be student debt? Amid this uncertainty, should I nevertheless be thinking about college savings plans? What type of institutions will serve her interests well?

We don’t exactly know what a university is for today, much less what it will be for in 2027. What we can do, as parents, is to be aware, gather knowledge, understand the options, and pass that information along to our offspring. Hopefully we also instill in them the courage to pursue their dreams.

Speaking of which…pursuing your dreams, following your passion, whatever you call it. I’m very bullish on that and romantically believe that if all of us do that, the world will be a much better place. I will talk about that on this blog and try to tell/cite interesting stories around that.

Finally, I will talk about talent management. To me, that’s the other side of the education coin. Getting the education we want is one thing, promoting ourselves is another. The demand side, i.e. the employers, are also paying attention to that. How do we recognize talent? How do we manage it? How do we incentivize it? What gets people going? What drives them? These are very important questions that need to be asked, answered, and then re-answered as the world changes around us.

This is then, the triangle that this blog is all about. Education, passion, and talent management. They are all interconnected. This triangle contains the secret sauce, and holds the keys to a better life, and a better world.

At the personal level, I view this project as a small gift to my children. I can only hope this site will be up and running in 2027, and arms them, and everybody else, with useful information and makes a positive contribution to their lives.


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